Securing advancements in passenger safety

Servecorp, one of the leading specialists in the field of aircraft cabin security. Our patented products are designed to meet all regulatory requirements and provide secure, reliable and innovative solutions for our customers worldwide.

Established for almost 30 years, Servecorp now forms part of the Trenchard Aviation Group along our other group businesses Aero Technics, Airbase Interiors and Reheat International.

Our experience has gained quite a reputation, by supplying high quality, bespoke security solutions within aircraft cabins worldwide. Over the last decade, Servestow™ ultra-lightweight, security compliant Life Vest Stowage range and Stowlok™ tamper-evident security seals have provided airlines with answers to the ever-changing demands of security compliance. With over 1 million Servestow™ products in service, ongoing development has enabled us to integrate unique and patented designs with latest technology.

Queen's Award for Enterprise

Servecorp are proud to announce that we have been awarded two prestigious Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for 2017. The awards are in recognition of our efforts in both Innovation and International Trade.

We have worked hard developing the concepts which form our current product lines. The recognition of The Queen’s Award is testament of our team’s efforts in keeping our technology at the forefront of the aviation sector, the result is that we have developed a worldwide client base that has shown a real preference for our quality products.

Our team are looking forward to building on this success, driving our products to become the preferred choice of some of the worlds most recognised aviation brands.


Compliant Features

Our products have been evolved and simplified over several years to give you the very best results. All of our Innovations are of the highest quality and are compliant with a many industry standards, we also meet the stringent requirements of the TSA.

Safe & Secure

Safety and security are always at the forefront of our design thinking. We ensure the highest standards whilst never compromising on the best design features.

Patented Designs

Our long history of precision engineered product development means we have several patented innovations; a reflection of our high standards and commitment to provide our customers with the very best solutions.

Valuable Savings

Our ultimate aim with all our products and services is to diminish your downtime and increase your revenue. Our years of expertise ensure we provide maximum efficiency with every detail of our designs.

Introducing World-Class Products

SERVESTOW™ Ultra Lightweight Secure Life Vest Stowage

  • Ultra lightweight materials offering increased fuel economy
  • Over 1 million supplied
  • New installations and retrofit projects (16g certified)
  • Supplied with Certificate of Conformity or EASA Form 1 Release
  • Acknowledged by the US Transportation Security Administration (US TSA)
  • Typically 5-6 man hours saved per aircraft for search operations (based on A330)
  • No tools needed for installation of standard models
  • More efficient maintenance, data collection and RFID Solutions
  • Strong ultra-lightweight material for added protection
  • Tamper-evident security seal for Aircraft Search compliance
  • Strong adjustable fixing straps compatible to many seats
  • Visual inspection panels for efficient Search Operations
  • Unique pull strap partially ejects life vest for easy retrieval (specific models)
  • Flame retardant FST (flame/smoke/toxicity) compliant component materials
  • Various models to suit many sizes of life vest packages
  • RFID option with Aviation standard ATA Spec2000 compliant tagging

STOWLOK™ Tamper Evident Security Seals

All seals offer simple attachment methods and clear evidence of tampering.
Stowlok™ provides a versatile and unique security sealing solution incorporating options for self-adhesive tamper-evident seals or RFID labels.

  • Self-adhesive, tamper-evident
  • Reveals a security message when tampered or removed
  • Minimal residue
  • Standard colours: black, light blue and light red
  • Customised artwork designs available to suit specific applications
  • Assists aircraft search operations
  • Reduces search and turnaround times
  • Secures stowages, trolleys, galley cabinets, removable panels
  • Deters theft of life vests, duty free goods, etc
  • Secure supply – all seals made to order
  • Supplied with Certificate of Conformity (C of C)

RFID Solutions

RFID cabin equipment solution
  • Solutions compliant with global industry standards: ATA Spec 2000
  • Globally adopted industry standards
  • Fast read on aircraft significantly reduces labour and simplifies regulatory compliance
  • Very rapid data collection read in aircraft cabin
  • Aircraft cabin emergency equipment, security equipment, & soft furnishing control
  • Checks for both presence and expiration date of critical items
  • New data allows for maintenance and purchase planning years in advance
  • Provides a global business solution
Security solution for Life Vest Stowage
  • RFID benefits to outstations and global locations due to ATA Spec 2000 compliance
  • Security status of life vest stowages available in minutes
  • Location of ‘problem’ immediately found for rapid rectification
  • Reports by fleet, specific aircraft, equipment type and many other report options
  • Ability to easily and quickly demonstrate regulatory compliance
  • Reduction in aircraft search and turnaround times
  • Significant reduction in cabin asset life cost
  • Huge labour savings
  • Enhanced security